Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Manila, Philippines

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Philippine Science High School Batch 2 Website

Welcome to the PSHS Batch 2 Website.

To quote from our yearbook:

     Here, finally, is the product of "class action". Remnants of PSHS Batch II, determined to immortalize their PSHS experience, have pooled money, time and talent (real or imagined); across the years; across oceans, seas and expressways; despite conflicting schedules (weekdays vs weekends), conflicting preferences (Makati Sports Club vs Nadja's) and inertia at rest to come up with it.

     Some struggled to remember, others chose to forget. But all that is written here are sincere thoughts and remembrances about the people, places, events, and ideals of high school.

     In a way, the twenty-to-twenty-five-year delay makes our "memoirs" richer with the hindsight and wisdom (?) brought by the years. Thankfully, though, they weren't there in high school (if they were, high school would have been a big bore!)

     Back then, we might have wanted to impress the world with our PSHS-ness.  Right now all we want is a record of those beloved days, friends and places. For ourselves, our parents, our teachers, our children, and maybe soon, our grandchildren. It's much like playing an old favorite song, feeling its gentle tug at your heart-strings, and hoping your sons and daughters will remember it too...

-- Carmen F. Amores